Monday, June 23, 2008


Remember the FCUK dress post I did before last Christmas? Alas, I didn't end up getting any of those dresses, but I've continued to stalk FCUK clothes, especially the dresses online. For S/S08, FCUK had less shift dresses and more 20's and high-waisted style dresses, but I still found plenty to like.

The dress that I've been ogling since the start of the season is the Ray dress. I love that even though it's covered with beads, it's not too sparkly and I love the combination of pale colours in horizontal stripes. I don't have an event in mind to wear it to, which is why I can't quite justify paying full price (120 pounds) for it. But if it goes on sale, should I get it? Or is it too disco-y?

I'm a fan of t-shirt dresses so I briefly considered this dress, but the ruffles were too small for my taste and the edges had that cheap-looking ripped effect.

Like I said, I love t-shirt dresses. The weird purple and green beaded pattern made me hesitent at first (-the dress is named Alien dress,) but I think it's growing on me. It looks so easy to wear and it's colourful without being too multi-coloured.

Then there is this tank dress, which is similar but less weird looking than the Alien Dress. It's sold out online though, so I assume it's sold out in stores too. I actually like the horizontal patterned stripes more but the t-shirt style is so much easier to wear.

A cute shift dress with a classic design.

This dress makes me think of fancy lunches. That's it. Since I have no fancy lunches to go to, perhaps it's not quite useful for me. But it's so pretty!

I thought this dress looked frumpy on the French Connection website, but I love it on the model. It's such a cute, fashionable twist to the polo shirt dress. The skirt bit is high-waisted, which is supposed to make one's legs look longer. Plus a daytime dress would be so much more useful to me than a going out dress. I didn't see it at my local store but hopefully I'll see it at the Oxford Circus store. Isn't it cute?

I touched this top at a store and the quality is great! You can wear it as a loose top, or as I saw it on display, tucked into a high-waisted skirt, which is oh-so-fashionable these days. It's so versatile, but I imagine the reason why there are still so many left in stores is that it costs 50 pounds!

I've been eyeing this Veronica top ever since the start of the season. I'm not one for blouses but the bow is just right and the slightly puffy sleeves are cute. I'll definitely be looking out for this.

I didn't think much of this top until I saw it (in another colour with yellow spots) on a salesgirl and it looked great on her. The design is a bit too interesting for me and it looks more like fall clothes than summer clothes but maybe I should just try it on first.

Now that the sales are about to start soon (-still waiting!), I'm trying to narrow down the list of items to look out for in the sale becuase obviously I can't buy everything. Which few items do you think I should pick?

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