Friday, March 14, 2008

World Class Style From New Delhi, India

The last thing I want to do on this trip to India is water-down my eye and take a lot of touristy "exotic" pictures.

I'm sure I will take some pictures of "great color" blah, blah but I am really happy that so far I have found looks that I would shoot whether I was in NYC or Milan or anywhere.

This young lady , for example, is as cool as any young lady I have ever met in Manhattan.

The real genius behind this look is that she is very petite, (maybe) 5' 2" and yet her long dress actually real lengthens her entire frame. The sleevelessness is a huge factor in pulling this off.

What I also love is that she is very "put together" and yet extremely sporty. Even though the dress was very long and very slim she was running around like she had a track suit on.

I rarely use the word effortless because I think it is a messy and mostly unattainable concept but she is about as close to effortless as I have seen in a while.

(regarding the bag, because I know it will be commented about, it was more ,for her, about function than form. It was stuffed with paperwork)


[Source: The Sartorialist]