Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vetiver Oil, New Delhi

My favorite purchase in New Delhi was this small bottle of vetiver oil.

The gentleman created the entire package for me while I waited. It seemed so old-school cool especially since it only cost $600 rupees which is about $15.

Later that day I was interviewed by a woman from The Times Of India.

I told her about my purchase which she thought sounded like a lot of money. I guess she decided to take things into her own hands and the next day she quoted me in her paper as saying.

" The only thing that I have picked up was an attar bottle ( do you really think I knew it was called an attar?), which was hugely expensive and yet value for the money."
Basically she quoted me as saying the exact opposite of what i actually said. I confronted her about that the next day and she said "no one will read that anyway" and something to the effect that she made it sound better for me. She didn't seem embarrassed at all by this and never said sorry.

The rest of the article is made up of bits and pieces of things I said, taken out of context, and jumbled together as one long quote.

Most of the time I wouldn't care about something like this but when it is done in one of the biggest papers of Dehli and done so outrageously incorrect I get a little miffed.

rant over.

I still love my new vetiver oil though


[Source: The Sartorialist]