Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Twelve By Twelve

The Twelve By Twelve shopping site launched today promising couture at affordable prices. The company, owned by Forever 21 Inc., carries seven collections each with a signature style. Though there arent many items on offer just yet, my favorite line will probably be Vintage Couture. Its modern chic meets retro Hollywood. Clothing comes in sizes small, medium and large but I dont know what large means anymore. Head over to to scrutinize for yourselves then come back and tell me what you think, if anything. If any of you order from them definitely write a review. Thanks Alisha for the heads up ;)
Left to right: Satin Turtleneck Tunic, $28 - The Royals Collection; Optic Printed Tiered Dress, $42 - The Modern Art Collection; English Trench Coat, $49 - The Royals Collection, all available at


[Source: I Like Her Style!]