Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spring Summer 2008 eco-fashion events.The green trade shows

In trying to decide which eco-fashion trade fair that will be good for my handbags, I looked at key eco-fashion events, available in August - September (Spring Summer 2008).
For me, these are the fair that cannot be ignored: the So-Ethic eco-section of the Prt a porter show and the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris, Estethica at the London Fashion Week.
More illustrious designers among the more mainstream labels eco-friendly handbag companies present at these shows, has attracted a wealth of new international buyers and exhibitors. In the following weeks, I will be focussing my posts on the eco-friendly handbag exhibitors.


[Source: Luxury Handbags Blog - All about exclusive luxury handbags and eco-luxury handbags]