Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Slowing down fashion collections for Spring Summer 2008

The Estethica space within the Exhibition at the London Fashion Week, devoted to the eco-sustainable high fashion for eco-designers to showcase their collections. They have been selected according to these eco-fashion categories: FAIR TRADE, ORGANIC PRODUCTION, RECYCLING. I must say that I havent been there (not easy to get invited!), but I still would like to visit or exhibit there next season for Autumn-Winter 2008-2009 fashion collection. How can you apply? Simple, send back the questionnaire that you can download at the London Fashion Week website.

I will send back the questionnaire with details on Label (ethical principles, materials, production and transportation) to, than I will let you know about the result. It is common knowledge that to be considered for the exhibition you have to be loved by the press first, but not harm in trying. The eco-handbag designers selected for the Spring Summer Fashion Collection 2007 were: Again NY and Sonya Cashmiri. I will be looking at them in detail soon.


[Source: Luxury Handbags Blog - All about exclusive luxury handbags and eco-luxury handbags]