Saturday, September 15, 2007

New York's Best Collection....Rodarte

So, I knew Rodarte was good but I didn't realize they were THIS good.

They hit the mark on almost every element I look for in good design - color, pattern, texture, construction and design details. It was easily the most sophisticated and refined collection I saw all season. I was talking to Sarah from Colette afterwards and she also seemed equally thrilled.

I have even more respect for this collection because I personally know how difficult it is for a young designer to actually physically create such an intricate collection on a limited budget.

Often young designers can conceive great work on paper or in their heads but to find a workroom (an outside contract workroom at that) to physically create those designs (on a usually limited budget) can be the most challenging aspect of the entire design process.

So which collection did you enjoy most?

Of course, the images above are borrowed from the fine and handsome photographers at


[Source: The Sartorialist]