Thursday, September 20, 2007

GQ @ 50 Party

GQ had it's 50th anniversary party last night in New York and what a bash!!

Kanye West performed a private show that rocked (would "rocked" be correct for hip-hop singing?)

I didn't bring my regular camera because I just wanted to have fun but once the show started the photographer in me took over and I broke out the cellphone camera.

Anyway, the cover of the Oct GQ that I got is really cool.
It has an old image of Paul Newman which is shocking in it's perfection.
I'm asking if I can scan it and post it today.
I'm telling you, it will be the first thing you see this month when you walk into Barnes & Noble or Kroger's (Indy Supermarket) or any newsstand.

The old covers and review of the last fifty years inside is really incredible - it would have been perfect beach reading or long plane trip to Europe reading!


[Source: The Sartorialist]