Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ask the experts at 100%Design.

Searching for new inspiration for the Autumn-Winter 2008-2009 eco-friendly handbag collection, I visited 100% Design. It couldn't have been more exciting, the world of architecture and design coming together at a contemporary show.
The message was clear, the new more demanding consumer wants more information on the history and source of the material. All the ingredients where stuck on wall at the 100%Material, with lots of graphics to make visitor understand the connection between finished materials, finishing techniques and raw materials.

The Light Garden from Greenpeace underlined the energy efficiency as one of the best solutions to climate change. Their leaflet encourages people to use efficient bulbs for all the lighting needs. Greenpeace is calling for designers, architects and retailers to get rid of old fashioned, energy wasting bulbs NOW.


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